Date of Award

Fall 12-22-2015

Degree Type

Final Project

Degree Name

DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice




Mary Ellen Roberts, DNP

Committee Member

Colleen Carrington, DNP

Committee Member

Nadine Venezia


Purpose: The purpose of this project was to implement a Wellness program to address the health disparities in a vulnerable population. The population targeted was a local population that was served at a mental health facility for socioeconomically disadvantaged. The program focused on improving knowledge of cardiovascular health, empowerment and communication skills. Significance: The significance of the project is the improvement in ones wellness by provision of education, empowerment and communication skills. The attaining of these skills can translate into other areas of wellness and improved health outcomes. Populations at risk due to socioeconomic and racial differences can benefit from programs targeted to their specific needs. Methods: The methodology utilizing the theoretical framework of self-efficacy included the assessment of needs, the obtainment of stakeholder support from the organization, the implementation of the educational program and awareness campaign followed by evaluation of participants. Project Outcomes: Participants benefited from cardiovascular screening, educational counseling and skills regarding cardiovascular health, communication and self-efficacy. High risk real time identification of hypertensive individuals occurred. Faculty and staff improved their knowledge of subject area and supported the program by embracing the content alongside the patient participants. Clinical Relevance: The project can act as a template for replication in other facilities or to focus on other commonly seen health issues. Sustainability based on easy replication and low cost and applicability to high risk vulnerable populations provides significant value in today’s health care climate.