Date of Award

Fall 12-22-2015

Degree Type

Final Project

Degree Name

DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice




Mary Ellen Roberts, DNP

Committee Member

Maureen Byrnes, DNP

Committee Member

Nicole Rodriguez


Crime in schools, colleges and universities is a troublesome social problem. It affects not only those involved in the criminal incident, but it also inhibits societal growth and stability. To address this issue, the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE Act) of 2013 requires that colleges participating in federal student aid programs must provide “primary prevention and awareness programs” for new students and employees, as well as ongoing crime prevention and awareness campaigns. Implementation was mandated to be started by October 1, 2014. Most prevention programs teach students how to avoid situations, abusive behaviors and potential attacks. This project initiates a bystander awareness program at a local state university, teaching students how to be effective bystanders. The objectives of this project was to increase knowledge about bystander awareness on a university campus and help students realize that a negative outcome can be avoided; help students realize it is their responsibility to intervene when they notice a problem situation; raise students’ awareness of helping behaviors and provide skills to effectively intervene; and increase students’ motivation and confidence when responding to problems or concerns.