Date of Award

Fall 10-28-2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

EdD Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Jill Patterson, Ed.D.

Committee Member

David Reid, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Jan Furman, Ed.D.


problem-based learning, teacher perceptions, Action Theory, 21st-century learning skills, PBL implementation


Traditional classroom environments may not be providing enough opportunity to develop 21st-century learning skills and state policies have begun to suggest problem-based learning (PBL) as a solution; however, it is still unclear how these tasks are implemented into the classroom. Since teachers play such a paramount part in the implementation process the study’s purpose is to explore teachers’ perceptions of PBL task design and role in the PBL process. The study is a descriptive qualitative case study with six participants from urban Title I schools in NJ with PBL in the curriculum. The participants also were 6-8th grade language arts or social studies teachers. The study collected three data sources including a survey, lesson plan, and reflection. The study will be analyzed through Yin (2011) process of analysis and Action Theory Framework by Chris Argyris and Donald Shon, focusing on espoused theory and theory in use. The study explores how the how teachers’ perceptions line up to their planned practice and the challenges teachers face with PBL implementation and discusses potential reasons for these challenges proving suggestions on future policy, practice, and research.