Date of Award

Fall 9-23-2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

EdD Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Daniel Gutmore, Ph.D.

Committee Member

David Reid, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Barbara Strobert, Ed.D.


Mental Health, Absenteeism, Tardy, Teacher-Student Relationships


The purpose of this convergent mixed-methods study was to explore what influence, if any, a specific mental health program in a Northeast high school had on absenteeism and tardiness for students serviced by the school. The qualitative portion of this study looked at the overall impact the counseling program has had on the High School. It was important to utilize both quantitative and qualitative measures to ascertain an overall understanding of the effect on the High School.

The convergent mixed-methods approach was the best fit for this research study. The first part of this study focused on conducting the quantitative aspects of the research. The data were then subject to descriptive statistical analysis. Descriptive statistical analysis was chosen due to the limited population size. In the second phase of this research, a qualitative collection of text data was gathered through structured interviews. These interviews were used to explain further the perceptions of the impact that administration and teachers felt the counseling program had on the High School overall. These interviews allowed for additional insight into the program that quantitative research alone would not have been able to identify.

The study found no impact on the attendance and tardiness of the students who were engaged in the counseling program. Through the interviews, it was determined that both the administration and the teachers felt that it had a positive impact on the High School. By helping the most high-risk students receive the necessary counseling, there was a positive effect on the general population in that they had increased access to guidance services.