Date of Award

Summer 8-2020

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PhD Higher Education Leadership, Management, Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Robert Kelchen, PhD

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Rong Chen, PhD

Committee Member

Jody Kulstad, EdD

Committee Member

John Smith, EdD


selection, academic admission criteria, clinical evaluations, graduate education, online education, virtual education, clinical outcomes, higher education


The admission processes in higher education have been the topic of considerable discussion and study at all levels of the institution from undergraduate to graduate and professional education. This study focused on graduate students who completed their master’s degree in Counseling and School Counseling from 2010 to 2018. Students completed their degree fully online and from a distance. The goal was to determine if admission criteria were predictive of end of program clinical fieldwork evaluations. Independent variables looked at were Undergraduate GPA (UGPA); GRE: (V)erbal, (Q)uantitative, and (W)riting; First Semester Graduate GPA (GPA1), and Cumulative Graduate GPA (GPAEP). End of program clinical evaluations were used as the dependent variable and represented site supervisor scores on two constructs¾Professional Skills and Counseling Skills from three fieldwork courses: Practicum (n=220), Internship I (n=220), and Internship II (n=214). Multiple Linear Regression showed that UGPA, GREQ, GREV, GREW, GPA1, and GPAEP did not significantly predict clinical scores in Professional Skills or Counseling Skills for Practicum, Internship I, or Internship II. Traditional academic admissions criteria and academic measures during the program do not predict clinical performance. These results indicate that the academic strength of a student on admission may not predict their performance in their clinical courses, and traditional academic admission criteria may not be the best criteria to use in the selection process for students with a clinical performance component. Reliance on alternative admission criteria such as recommendations and interviews may be better predictors of a student’s clinical performance.

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