Date of Award

Summer 8-15-2019

Degree Type


Degree Name

EdD Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Robert Kelchen, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Martin Finklestein Ph.D.

Committee Member

Rong Chen, Ph.D.


continuing education, police, incentives, motivation


This study was conducted in an attempt to identify factors that influence the continuing education choices of municipal police officers. By examining factors such as tuition reimbursement, educational incentive pay, CEO education level, higher education standards for promotion and hiring, rank, and length of service, policy recommendations can be made to positively impact education levels among municipal police officers. In phase one of analysis, levels of organizational education were presented along with each variable’s presence in each department. Aggregate data is provided to give the reader an overview of higher education incentives and attainment within the County. In phase two, data related to officers education levels (current and upon hiring) was used to conduct a binary logistic regression, which shed light on how independent predictor variables influenced the officers who continued their education during their employment and those who did not. These sub groups were then compared to several independent variables which may or may not influence continuing education. Each factor’s influence was determined using binary logistic regression. Factors positively influencing continuing education in municipal police officers were identified, while controlling for other variables, and recommendations were made regarding best practices for creating an environment that facilitates continuing education.