The Chase

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MA English




Steven Gehrke


Fiction, Novella, Hurricanes, Jamaica


The Chase is a bildungsroman novella that chronicles the challenges that Winston McKenzie faces after he is fired from Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation Television Station. It is a fictional account of Winston's dramatic experiences in overcoming his fears and chasing his dream, with the help of his two childhood friends, during 2007' s Hurricane Dean. Although it is fictional, the story is embedded in research that examines the development, patterns and types of hurricanes, as well as the severity of their impact on the Caribbean islands. The research component of this story serves to strengthen the plot, deepen the characters and portray a very realistic event, while it educates the readers. In writing this narrative, I find it important to avoid the stereotypical belief that Jamaica is just an exotic island where tourists visit to have fun; instead, this narrative portrays the everyday life of Jamaican citizens. Therefore, the main setting, the Mount Ogle community, becomes a microcosm for Jamaica and authentic Jamaican life. Some of the major authors who have influenced the crafting of this story are Derek Walcott, Jamaica Kincaid and George Orwell.

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