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EdD Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Education Studies


Rebecca Cox

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Grace May

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Mark DelMaramo

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Anthony Lanzo


Education, Eletronic technology rich program, Teaching styles, Senior student teachers


The purpose of this study was to determine whether attending an electronic technology rich program had an impact on the teaching styles of senior student teachers. It is clear from this research that senior student teachers have benefits from attending such a program. Three research questions were used to guide this study: what ways teachers are currently using technology; how are teachers in this study using technology in their planning of the learning experience; how teachers' technology attitudes, understandings and skills change over time. A web based survey tool, which was delivered electronically to senior student teachers both in elementary and secondary environments. The survey instrument consisted of 34 questions and was comprised of four parts and designed to have two measurement properties, labeled categories (nominal scale) and variable differences (interval scale). Collected data showed a willingness on the part of the senior student teachers to use electronic technologies, as well as a possessing a strong comfort level using multiple electronic technologies and software applications such as Word and PowerPoint. While the two software applications least likely to be used by senior student teachers were spreadsheet applications such as Excel and databas applications like Access. The infusion of electronic technologies into lessons and curriculum was quite strong but data showed varied results as to how senior student teachers view the effect of such infusion. Nearly all respondents agreed that PowerPoint is an effective tool in both lesson planning and presentation by both students and teachers alike. Recommendations for future research include should take place on either an annual of semi-annual basis, in addition to extending the participant audience to include junior pre-service teaching candidates.