Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Fall 2023



Course Number

DIPL 2120

Course Description

The first part of this course serves as a general introduction to the study of international security, a field primarily concerned with the threat and use of force by state and non-state actors. Topics examined include the origins of major power wars, regional conflicts, terrorism, military intervention, and alliances. The second part of this course will use alliances as a lens through which to better understanding international conflict and security and will focus predominantly on the US system of Alliances in the Asia-Pacific.

Alliances are among the oldest forms of interaction between states that impact almost every aspect of international politics, from the flows of trade and investments to the incidence of war or the character of international law. This course will focus on the origins of alliances, the ways in which they influence the behaviors of states, and the ways that alliance politics has evolved since 1945.