Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Fall 2022



Course Number

DIPL 4183 AA

Course Description

Negotiations underpin our daily lives at home, in school, in workplaces, and on a more abstract level, while dealing with our intemal selves. Without realizing it, we spend a good amount of our time negotiating constantly, both inside and outside home. As wars rage, we invariably hear negotiations taking place to resolve the conflicts and "silence the guns" through amicable resolution of the differences between parties with or without the involvement of negotiators. Several intemational practices have infonned the development of scientific approaches on handling and guiding the processes of negotiation. This course endeavors to familiarize students to the selected principles of negotiation guided by practical scenarios that help negotiating parties to achieve beneficial outcomes.

The importance of skills in carrying out effective negotiation is on the rise in our ever-changing world. The science that developed over the years to guide the process of negotiation has become a subject of study for practitioners in diplomacy, law, and other social science study fields. In this course principled negotiation techniques arc examined based on some landmark cases around the world. We will focus on post cold war political bargains that two important East African countries had carried out towards forging peace after protracted and costly conflicts.