Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Spring 2008



Course Number

DIPL 6008 NA

Course Description

This class meets each Thursday from 6:15- 8:25. The readings for this course will consist of:

(1) A volume entitled “A Problem from Hell" America and the Age of Genocide by Samantha Power (hereafter “"):

(2) A volume entitled Rwanda's Genocide: The Politics of Global Justice by Kingsley Moghalu (hereinafter “Moghalu”);

(3) A Binder which contains a numbered set of handouts (hereafter Binder);

(4) A small number of Supplemental.Handouts to be supplied; and

(5) The Rome Statute (ICC Treaty). You are to download a copy of the statute and have it available at each class for referrals to same. The statute is available at the ICC website Statute 120704-EN.pdf. You can print the statute and keep the hardcopy with you or download it to a laptop that you plan on having in class with you. You can also obtain the Rome Statute at

We expect you to bring all material to each class and to keep up with the assigned reading. It is also required that you read the New York Times each day. It is available free of charge online at

There will be a midterm exam, a final exam and a paper, each of which will constitute 25% of your grade. An additional 25% of your final grade will be based on attendance and the quality of your class participation. The schedule of readings and class discussion topics follows.