Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Spring 2015



Course Number

DIPL 3150 AA

Course Description

This course traces the key evolutions in the development of the concept of human security, the various definitions and critiques, how it relates to other concepts and what it implies for politics, polities and policy. Human security is a new concept for clarifying what peace requires and the policies and priorities by which to achieve it. As the process of globalization gains more momentum, the threats also become transnational and states lose power to non-state actors. Thus security can no longer be studied in a one-dimensional fashion. It should be examined from an interdisciplinary perspective, considering a variety of factors as well as their interactions. Case studies from different regions of the world will help illuminate the arguments which focus on the shift in approach in studying security in general and human security in particular and the debates about national sovereignty and global vision of security.