Shelley Ranii

Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Spring 2015



Course Number

DIPL 6170

Course Description

This course is designed to serve as an in-depth analysis of current aspects of economic development-what works, what doesn’t and everything in between. The course will consider recent development dilemmas such as delivery of services for poor people, building institutions for markets, the role of knowledge in advancing economic and social well being, the role and effectiveness of the state in the changing world, and infrastructure and development.

Students will be asked to analyze the relevance of the course’s various development topics to a country of their choosing among selected specific countries in Latin America, Africa, East Asia, Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, or the Middle East.

In addition to counting towards the International Economics & Development Specialization, students can count the course towards a regional specialization if they write their final paper on a country in the region in question.