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Undergraduate Syllabus


Fall 2002



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There are a broad range of job opportunities in the international arena. An important part of defining one’s area of interest in this field is exploration – what type of job would you love? In what area of the world or in which issues would you like to specialize? Do you want to live abroad? What kinds of jobs are out there, and how does one go about starting down the path to a successful international career?

This required Freshman Seminar is designed to introduce students to a variety of careers in international affairs, as well as to familiarize them with the skills and experience they will need to obtain their career goals. We will examine various career options , including international organizations and institutions, non-governmental organizations, local and national government positions, diplomatic service, academic careers, and banking and finance, to name a few. By familiarizing students with the wealth of possibilities available to them with a degree in international affairs, students will be better able to choose courses and work opportunities from the very first semester, in order to maximize their ability to pursue their personal and professional goals. To provide a road map for students, we hope to introduce you to a cadre of professionals who will show you how they got where they are today, provide clues for successful career advancement and inspire you to continue your personal and career development in international relations.