Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Spring 2015



Course Number

DIPL 3201 AA

Course Description

Since the dawn of industrialization, much of the world became interconnected in ways that produced significant changes for political economy across the globe. Factory production, the internationalization of capital, cross border flows and the movement of goods and people linked the world like never before. This largely transformational process resulted in diversification of economic processes that required considerable human capital and resources. In an increasingly globalized world populated by a little over 7 billion people, one of the foremost challenges facing humanity is the idea of sustainable development—how to utilize and replenish existing resources such as water, land, crops and in short food sources in a shrinking planet. This course appropriately examines concepts and approaches to understanding sustainable development in the 21st century. We will explore the role of international organizations and economic institutions in framing sustainable development in the past century to illuminate prevailing debates about the nature and objectives of sustainable development. Additionally, broad areas of focus will center on food security, debates about climate change, water security, energy and the global commons. The course will consider the role of sustainable development utilizing a historical lens, economics, urban development and international relations perspectives. The course will draw on interdisciplinary readings and incorporate news articles, current events to frame our understanding of sustainable development as a multi-faceted aspect of political economy.