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Spring 2009



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The 2002 Johannesburg Declaration states that "To achieve our goals of sustainable development, we need more effective, democratic, and accountable international and multilateral institutions." The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the multiple and interrelated issues involved in achieving sustainable development and to engage them to reflect on the challenges posed by the designing of the rules, institutions and other forms of governance required to address these issues. will seek a) to define the notions of "development'' and "sustainability"; b) to assess how development thinking has evolved in response to the emergence of global, interdependent and non linear threats tn human security arising from the human impact on the earth eco-systems; c) to delineate the role of state and non state actors as international organizations involved in the management of sustainable development; d) to characterize the nature of and challenges posed by a number of sectoral issues to be dealt within sustainable development policies including the persistence of poverty and rising global inequalities, population pressures on the Earth eco-systems, food security, climate change; energy and water; and e) to evaluate the institutional and political conditions necessary to the creation of a more effective system of governance for sustainable development. Specifically, the course