M. Taghi Razavian

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Graduate Syllabus


Fall 2004



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The risk of wars being fought over water is rising because of explosive global population growth and widespread complacency. The same way that we have had wars over oil resources water wars might, and very possibly, happen in critical areas of the world.

With the world’s population growing at exponential rates there is extreme pressure on water supplies to provide drinking and agricultural water.

In 2025 we will have another two billion people to feed and 95 percent of these will be in urban areas. This requires sustained policies and investment in infrastructures. While it is estimated that each year about $80 billion is invested in the water sector, but this is needed to at least double over the next few years if a real global crisis is to be prevented.

The course focuses on the areas where supply and demand has reached a critical point and conflicts seem unavoidable.