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Graduate Syllabus


Spring 2016



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This course examines core themes in the international relations of African States, intra-relations among African States, and relations between Africa and the rest of the world. Africa’s integration into the global system ushered in a diverse range of changes across its political, economic and social structures. The course investigates the impacts of these shifting dynamics on politics and governance across Africa. It helps understand institution building in the postcolonial era, democratization and conflict, and Africa’s evolving role in a Globalized era. The course also looks at the role of key partners and international institutions active on the continent. The course explores the themes behind African international relations and foreign policy while highlighting the core challenges and global opportunities for African States. The course is divided in to three sections:

• Part I - Pan- Africanism, Nationalism and Institution Building

• Part II - Post-Cold War Politics -Democratization and State Building

• Part III - Africa in the Contemporary era of Globalization