Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Fall 2019



Course Number

DIPL 6251

Course Description

This course seeks to address the choices and decisions that post-conflict states and the international community make in attempts to address past human rights abuses, concerns over reconciliation, and the socio-political challenges regarding justice, as well as more subjective issues like truth. How, and when, in light of weak national institutions do post-conflict states address past human rights abuses? Is there a tradeoff between states and societies that pursue justice over truth, or vice versa? Is there a “window of opportunity” to pursue reconciliation? Can justice truly be achieved in light of the enormous challenges that post-conflict states and societies face? This course will examine these questions and many others and seek to provide some answers to serious and very difficult real-world challenges that many states and societies face.

This class is intended to prepare students for advanced course work in the field. As such, there will be a lot of reading, writing, and thinking required. All times listed in the syllabus reflect Eastern Time.