Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Spring 2019



Course Number

DIPL 2113 / 6610

Course Description

China’s ascendance in world affairs is one of the most significant and challenging issues in today’s international system. As the country shifts towards becoming a major global power, a vital question for the US is how to understand and respond to China and its new global role. Through lectures, assigned readings, movies, and on-site visit, the group will explore China’s culture, history, politics, and foreign relations, and gain a better and more complete understanding of the challenges and opportunities brought forth by the rise of China.

The course culminates in a 10-day field trip to China in Spring 2019. It involves onsite visits, as well as interactions and interviews with diplomats, government officials, business leaders, students and ordinary Chinese. For graduate students, this course can be used to count toward meeting the following specializations: 1) Asia; 2) Negotiation and Conflict Resolution; 3) International Security; and 4) Foreign Policy Analysis.