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Graduate Syllabus


Fall 2020



Course Number

DIPL 6806

Course Description

This seminar provides an overview of major approaches to the study of political economy in Latin America and the Caribbean, past and present development trends, and recent debates over economic policy. The course begins with classic questions of the mutual reciprocal relations between politics and economics before covering the major debates between structural and institutional approaches. It proceeds by examining the switch from import-substituting industrialization to export-led growth models in the 1980s and 1990s and the effects of and reactions to the rise of neoliberal economic policies and then the commodity boom, as well as race and racism in the Americas. The topics of the last five weeks, to be determined in consultation with students, will include a variety of current policy issues. Course readings balance theory and empirics, range across methodologies and academic disciplines, and (usually) provide contrasting normative perspectives.