Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Fall 2013



Course Number

DIPL 6622

Course Description

China with its nuclear weapons arsenal veto power in the UN Security Council and second largest economy in the world, has wielded significant influence on international relations and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Concentrating on the theories and practices of China's international behaviors, this course addresses the following important questions: How does China de.fine its foreign and security policy goals and preferences? What international implications does the rise of China have for international relations? What are the pressing security i sues that Luna is facing today?

This course is divided into three parts. It first examines a range of theoretically informed approaches to Chinese foreign policy. The second part addresses current challenges in Chinese foreign policy. be final part will be student presentations of their research papers.

This course aims at meeting the following student learning outcomes for the M.A. program:

• To gain knowledge and understanding of 1) an in-depth knowledge of a particular functional area and/or region of the world; 2) knowledge and understanding of the social science research process.

• To develop skills of 1) analyzing complex situations and synthesizing information; 2) communicating effectively in oral and written form.