Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Spring 2006



Course Number

DIPL 6422

Course Description

The course discusses developments in transatlantic and US-European relations. It analyzes the impact of Europe 'moving east' given NATO and EU extension and the last enlargement round in 2004. Core questions are: Which role will Central and Eastern European countries play to transform the alliance and its organizations, like NATO? How will Russia use its influence? Will Turkey become a member of EU? The course examines the changing reality within the European theatre itself and explains European difficulty to speak with a common voice on a variety of transatlantic issues. While the course takes historic developments in transatlantic relations into consideration, it provides an outlook onto how US-European relations might develop in the 21st century: from the post-Cold War era to the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

We will analyze and discuss topics that are of continued relevance and common interest to the transatlantic community, through lecture presentations, reading synthesis and active discussions. Students will be encouraged to focus their theoretical research paper on a specific policy or polity issue that has been shaping the transatlantic discourse.