Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Fall 2003



Course Number

DIPL 1001

Course Description

In this course, students will learn about the nature of international environmental problems and will apply an interdisciplinary set of analytical tools to understand their causes and possible solutions. The course will survey and analyze the actual and potential institutions the international community employs to address these problems.

The course will include several requirements, more fully described below: (a) completing assigned readings before class and participating in class discussions; (b) preparing journal entries; (c) taking a final exam. Class participation and the journal entries together will be worth 25% of your grade and the take home final 75%. Incompletes are strongly discouraged, except for medical and other serious emergency.

a. Readings and Participation. Please read the assigned readings before class and be prepared to discuss them in class.

b. Journal Entries, For two of the four class sessions, you will submit a 2 page typed, double-spaced journal entry on some aspect of that week's reading. Rather than a summary of the reading, the journal entry should express your critical thoughts and reactions. You should submit journal entries in class. If you will be absent, you may submit your journal entry by e-mail. Late entries will be penalized 1/2 a mark; entries not submitted by the next class will not be graded.

c. Final Exam. There will be take-home final exam covering the entire class, including all assigned readings.