Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Fall 2003



Course Number

DIPL 1001

Course Description

In this concentrated module, you will

1. become aware of concepts from game theory and

2. learn how to apply them to historical and current events in international relations, including international conflicts and international negotiations

3. gain knowledge of this complex topic in a way that is enjoyable, retainable and useful for your further study at the Whitehead School.

Class discussion will be emphasized, as well as historical knowledge and analytical thinking. A significant, but short writing assignment will be used to assess your learning. There will be a series of critical readings, but no single textbook. The level of the reading is advanced, but you are expected to 'stretch' in order to grasp what is being discussed, and in-class discussions will be used to clarify and apply these concepts.

Failures to do the readings, tum in assignments on time or to properly cite sources (plagiarism) are grounds for a grade of F, and possible expulsion from the Whitehead School.