Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Summer 6-2003



Course Number

DIPL 6116

Course Description

Prerequisite: DIPL 6104/4183 Art and Science of International Negotiation or permission of instructor.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is generally thought to be intractable. Much journalistic and even scholarly work tends to be partisan, while contributing little to our understanding of how this conflict can be resolved. In fact, there is a significant history of attempts to transform this conflict into coexistence, some of it more and some of it less successful. The instructor will build on his significant field research into the open and secret negotiations between Israel and the PLO, as well as the long history of Arab­ Zionist encounters. Participants will the course by applying lessons learned to other major, seemingly intractable conflicts. A major component of the class will be the simultaneous conduct of actual negotiations by the participants, who will join one of four delegations: a Palestinian or an Israeli negotiation delegation, negotiating either interim or permanent issues. For Summer 2003, the course will be taught as an intensive, one week executive format.

Beyond learning the significant history, diplomacy and negotiation efforts, participants will gain insight by actually joining either an Israeli or Palestinian delegation and negotiating.