Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Fall 2013



Course Number

DIPL 1101

Course Description

This course examines the nature of political phenomena and a variety of issues in world politics. Students will gain a basic understanding of the historical, cultural, geographical, and institutional factors that shape the contemporary world. We examine key analytical concepts and contemporary international political issues through lectures, discussions, film and documentaries. The course aims to foster critical inquiry by exploring the intersection between a variety of actors on the global stage, political institutions, ideology, and the structure of the international system governs relations between them. The course is divided into six parts. Part I introduces the study of world politics and analyzes the recent changes in the international system. Part II looks at the variety of political systems and the various models and theories that help us understand contemporary politics. Part III looks at the important role of democracy and its global impact. Part IV questions the notions of civility in today’s age. Part V examines the role of political violence. Part VI wraps-up the course by asking, is there a coming anarchy?