Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Spring 2019



Course Number

DIPL 6004

Course Description

This course examines theories of, and research into. the nature and causes of conflict at sub-national, national and international levels. as well as the practice for preventing, managing or resolving such conflicts.

Students will learn the basic concepts of conflict prevention/management/resolution, with an emphasis on the connection between conflict analysis and intervention design. Learning will extend into the role of peacekeeping and the measures most likely to make peace sustainable. The course will also explore some broader issues, such as:

Designing conflict management to take account of culture and religion;

The balance between achieving peace and justice;

The characteristics of a peacemaker. in terms of attributes. skills and approach.

The course will draw on research and experiences from a range of contexts. but will focus most heavily on contemporary challenges in the Middle East and North Africa.