Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Spring 2005



Course Number

DIPL 6510

Course Description

This course is designed to look beyond an introductory survey class on one of the most important geo-political areas of the world, playing significant roles in the US foreign policy in the years to come. It will be taught in lecture/seminar style, with strong emphasis on students research, overlooking contemporary issues.

The course examines the communities and poli-economies of the region, historical background and causes of conflicts both at the domestic and international levels, as well as US policies to manage or resolve such conflicts. It begins with a general discussion of the settlements around the Gulf and explores social, cultural and political variables in the area. After an examination of the present problems of the region and its importance in today's (and future) international relations, the course proceeds to case studies of individual states and issues which present significant challenges to global peace and security in 21st century. Among the case studies to be examined in the course are countries surrounding the Gulf and issues with international dimensions ( oil, border disputes, ruling and government systems, the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism, etc.).

The main goal of the course is not limited to provide descriptions but rather to find the roots and origins of problems and their solutions. The case studies analyzed individually during the semester are related to the Instructor's area of expertise (the Persian Gulf countries and communities).