Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Fall 2017



Course Number

DIPL 6520

Course Description

This course will investigate the politics of the broader Middle East and the use of terrorism for political purposes. Students will develop an understanding of Islam, political Islam, Islamic resistance movements, and terrorist organizations. The course will include in-depth coverage of the modern origins of terrorism in the Middle East, its current and recent practice, its costs and consequences. Areas covered include the debate about what/who constitutes a terrorist movement or organization, the use of religious justifications for terrorism, terrorist financing, state-sponsored terrorism, the exploitation of/by the media, and the abilities of governments, security services and intelligence agencies to prevent, monitor, and combat terrorism.

Case studies of specific country situations, terrorist organizations, terrorist incidents, and how terrorism ends will be discussed and analyzed. Policymakers' rhetoric, responses, strategies, and the tools to combat terrorism will be covered.

Students are expected to participate actively in class throughout the course. Thus, students need to complete required readings before class, participate in class, present in class when assigned, prepare written summaries as assigned, and complete assignments on time. An original research paper and book report (details below) are required.