Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Spring 2013



Course Number

DIPL 6520

Course Description

The course will commence with an in depth study of the David J Whittaker's The Terrorism Reader (4 th Ed). This is one of the best Readers currently available for its depth and scope. The second part of the course will see us studying Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst's book After Terror, which has attracted favorable reviews. The final portion of the course will see us examining violent extremism in the regions bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan, analyzed in The Scorpion's Tail by Zahid Hussain.

I will give my own insights on international terrorism, based on my involvement with this issue in 1992-94 as Additional Secretary to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for foreign affairs and defense matters.

I will circulate articles from newspapers and magazines relevant to the course. I also expect all students to share material they have found relevant with me for possible onward transmission to the class. Credit will be given to those students who can cite relevant books and articles during class discussions. The careful reading and absorption of the material will advance the understanding and comprehension of students about international terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.