Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Spring 2009



Course Number

DIPL 4180

Course Description

The course will commence with an overview of the history of the Middle East. Students are requested to pay special attention to this portion as a grasp of the historical background of the Middle East is crucial to understanding current events. The historical portion which will be based on Albert Hourani' s book will be followed by the emergence of the modem period from 1832 to the present day. The texts used for this portion will be Rashid Khalidi and Mehran Kamrava, respectively. The final portion of the course will consist of a discussion of three Arab Human Development Reports prepared under the auspices of the United Development Programme. (UNDP) I will give my own insights on Middle East topics based on my diplomatic assignments in Syria, United Arab Emirates , Morocco and heading the Middle East Division at Headquarters in Pakistan's Foreign Ministry.

I will circulate articles from newspapers and magazines relevant to the course. I also expect all students to share material they have found relevant with me, for onward transmission to the class. Credit will be given to those students who can cite relevant books and articles during class discussions.