Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Spring 2013



Course Number

DIPL 3851 AA

Course Description

This course will explore wars of religion and religious views of war. We are living through an era fraught with religious warfare - wars animated by religious conflict and wars that use religious abuse as weapons to demoralize and subdue the enemy. The course will touch upon some major religious traditions and set in dialogue their respective views of war, assess their contributions to the contemporary laws of war, and examine particular historical episodes of religious conflict.

Students should be prepared to do a significant amount of reading each class and to discuss it constructively. Courses work well only when everyone comes prepared for a critical and informed conversation.

Throughout the course we will try to link the readings with contemporary events. Hence, students should keep informed about relevant current events through regular reading of newspapers. You should read a newspaper· that provides thorough coverage of international news (for example, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal). If possible you should also read foreign newspapers. You may also want to watch news on TV. BBC, CNN International, CCTV9 (from China) and Russia Today provide good insight into current events. You will get a better insight if you follow news from different countries.