Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Fall 2002



Course Number

DIPL 6106

Course Description

This course is a Master's level introduction to international political economy. The objective is to acquaint students with contemporary issues in international political economy with special emphasis on practical policy implications. The course will examine how politics help shape international economic relations and how economic changes and structures affect politics. The study of international political economy will therefore encompass in an integrated way the disciplines of politics, economics, international relations and indeed public administration. This course will examine the contemporary policy issues and institutions which influence global political and economic developments. The phenomenon of globalization will be analyzed in depth including not only political and economic aspects but environmental and social as well. While concentrating on the role of international and regional organizations the course will not neglect the understanding of national policies and economies.

The course will begin by looking into the nature of political economy, its comparison to economics and the new theories influencing these disciplines. The important political issue of globalization will receive special attention. The global trading, financial and monetary systems will be examined. The role of multinational companies will be analyzed before looking at processes of regional integration. Special attention will be given to questions of development -the current debate on development assistance and the special case of the transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The course will conclude with a discussion of relevant current issues on the United Nations agenda and the overarching theme of global governance for the twenty first century.