Document Type

Undergraduate Syllabus


Spring 2010



Course Number

DIPL 4280 NA

Course Description

This course will investigate the use of terrorism for political purposes. Areas covered include the debate about who/what constitutes a terrorist movement or organization, the connection between fundamentalism, religion and terrorism, the financing of terrorism, the exploitation of/by the media, and the abilities of security services and intelligence agencies to effectively monitor and combat terrorism.

The course will begin with a discussion and debate of the definition of terrorism. The course will provide basic knowledge on the politics of terrorism in the Middle East: its modern origins, its significance, and its costs and consequences. Students will develop an understanding of Islam and political Islam in the Middle East. Key topics will include terrorist groups in the Middle East, state-sponsored terrorism in the Middle East and terrorist financing. Case studies of specific country situations and/or terrorist incidents in the Middle East will be analyzed for their origins, politics, and impact on the region and international relations. Policy makers' rhetoric, responses and the tools to combat terrorism will be covered as well.

Students are expected to participate actively throughout the course. Thus, students need to complete assigned readings before class, attend and participate in class discussions.