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Undergraduate Syllabus


Fall 2012



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Within the context a post-9/11 environment focused on terrorism, and now economic challenges and the Arab Spring, the world provides a number of contextual settings that provide unique and distinct challenges to the process and art of mediation. This class will offer students and future diplomats a look at the field of international mediation that is grounded in a wide-ranging body of theoretical academic literature, and in practice a field dominated by practitioners that have a wide-array of experiences and skills to help them accomplish the tasks that they face. This class will develop answers to the following questions: what is mediation? What is the role of a mediator or mediators in resolving international conflict and protracted violence? At what point in a conflict is it appropriate for mediation to begin? What tools are available to provide successful mediation? How likely are mediated conflicts and agreements likely to stick? This course should offer every student a well-grounded understanding of international mediation, its challenges, as well as the opportunities that exist.