Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Fall 2014



Course Number

DIPL 6401

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to analyze EU current key internal and external issues and policies as well as dynamics between Northern and Southern member states. We will also cover the relationship between the EU and Russia, EU’s largest neighbor, and the relationship between the EU and the US, EU’s traditional strategic partner. Throughout the semester we will link the readings with contemporary events. Hence, you should keep informed about current events by following print or electronic sources that provide solid coverage of international news. A good source of information on the EU is, and the Guardian. You may also want to watch BBC. If possible you should also follow non-English media. You will get a better insight if you follow news from different countries.

More specifically, the aims of the course are to enable students:

  • to develop a conceptual, and practical understanding of the internal and external EU member states’ dynamics pertaining to current issues and challenges;
  • to be cognizant of the relationship of EU members and non-Union members in the exercise of various internal and external policies;
  • to become familiar with academic and political debates about the workings of EU institutions and decision-making processes
  • to comprehend the problems facing the Union at the beginning of the twenty-first century, especially the implications of enlargement for its international role in the future.