Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Spring 2014



Course Number

DIPL 6119 AA

Course Description

Changes in the international environment – the decline in the interest of the major states in providing global security, a decrease in the role and influence of the UN, a rise in the activities of non-state actors, transitions in a number of fragile states – require changes in the way we think about peace and security. It is no longer a matter of simply establishing strong global defense alliances and bolstering the capacity of states to provide security to their inhabitants. Long-term sustainable stability requires improved governance, protection of individual rights, equitable economic development, and engagement of many different individuals and institutions in order to work. This course explores the new international environment, and looks at different actors and some of the issues they face in trying to provide peace, stability and social and political development in this environment. This course is intended to provide a solid foundation for both inquiry and application. The course will introduce students to some of the major concepts and dilemmas faced by professionals and policymakers, and will also put them into the role of practitioners trying to develop responses to these challenges. The course will connect theory to practice through discussion, research, and case studies, and will stress application through frequent class exercises. It will be useful for anyone with an interest in conflict resolution and management, including professionals in the fields of diplomacy, conflict management, security, journalism, development assistance, humanitarian aid, the military or international peacekeeping who wish to develop their knowledge of this important area.