Document Type

Graduate Syllabus


Fall 2017



Course Number

DIPL 6005

Course Description

This course explores the history and nature of international law and how international law and courts address selected issues currently confronting the global community. The course will focus on the creation and implementation of international law, global governance, and relations between states and between states and non-state actors, including individuals and international organizations.

The first part of the course examines the sources of international law by examining current topics -- sustainable development, refugees and migration, water resources -- and the various "actors" in international law, including NGOs and the private sector as parts of civil society as well as states. The second part of the course considers how claims in international courts and tribunals are treated under international law, first by examining specific cases at the International Court of Justice related to transboundary water. Next, individual claims against states or officials in the context of human rights tribunals, war crimes tribunals, the ICC, and transboundary law enforcement cooperation are explored. Finally, contentious cases between states will be examined in a classroom exercise where students have an opportunity to advocate for the resolution of a conflict, and in a look at the laws of war and humanitarian law governing armed conflicts. In the final section of the course, international law claims in national courts and other forms of international dispute resolution such as arbitration will be considered.