Language Maps, Language Clouds


Cherubim Quizon

Granting Agency

Digital Humanities Faculty Fellowship, Seton Hall University

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This project seeks to deepen students' awareness of human language through data visualization as well as guided use of existing language databases. The aim is to make the abstract anthropological concept of culture a concrete and immersive experience. This will be achieved by linking data that students generate from their own experiences with existing language databases (such as those maintained by the Smithsonian Language Institute and Ethnologue.org, among others), and to interactive digital humanities tools such as ViewShare. The results will be shared in a Wordpress blog that can be augmented by different students each semester. The project includes a training and collaboration component for undergraduate students in building and maintaining this language resource. Ultimately, this multi-semester project will provide a dynamic picture of Seton Hall students' collective language cloud, including their historical/geographical origins as well as the emergence of local varieties, and help contribute to global language initiatives both in terms of data generation as well as innovations in digitally enhanced analysis.

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