Using the Digital Humanities to Explore the Dialog Between Christianity and Culture in CORE II Class


Melinda D. Papaccio

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Digital Humanities Faculty Fellowship, Seton Hall University

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Since reading and engaging in core texts is important to the University Core (as well as First Year Writing and many other disciplines) a tool will be created to support the Core II course so that students can develop a deeper connection to ancient texts like 1 Corinthians or the Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas. Such a tool will enable students to think more critically about the issues therein by providing a better sense of the historical, social, religious, and philosophical contexts of the texts and authors. The use of this tool will support the following: (1) text transforms into an outline or sequence of events, (2) charting of characters using images with clickable links that take the student to pertinent passages in the text, (3) geographical maps connected to the narrative's events, (4) a "social network" section that shows how characters are connected, (5) a "research" tab which contains analytical and critical information, (6) external links to YouTube videos and other online resources, (7) and an image gallery. Students will be actively engaged in developing the resource as part of their coursework and will be contributors of the content.

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