Layered Chiffon


Courtney Starrett

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Digital Humanities Faculty Fellowship, Seton Hall University

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"Layered Chiffon" is a visual art installation of interactive objects that will provide a non-linear narrative. It is also an example of how the studio arts fit within the digital humanities. The visual nature of the sculptural art forms, storytelling through an implied narrative or non-linear narrative (through animations and film), and a deviation from traditional data visualizations make this a unique approach to digital humanities research. This project is also a collaboration between Susan Reiser, lecturer in the Departments of Computer Science, Engineering, and New Media and Associate Dean of Natural Sciences at UNC Asheville. Susan Reiser will be visiting SHU on March 13 to speak with the Digital Workflows (ADIM 2601) class and present a campus wide lecture, with Starrett, on their collaboration on that date. The workflow will also be able to be broken down into smaller units of exploration. A workshop will be in Space 154 to walk interested students and faculty through a tutorial creating forms for 3D printing based on data inputs. The installation is meant to be accessible and the goal would be to present it to the SHU community in a visible and interactive way.