Submissions from 2019


Digital Seed Grant Presentations Program, Lysa Martinelli

Submissions from 2018


The Population of Migrant Laborers in Renaissance Tuscany, William J. Connell


Digital Humanities Results Report, Gregory Iannarella


Digital Humanities Faculty Seed Grant Showcase, Lysa Martinelli

Submissions from 2017


Visualization of Library Databases, Xue-Ming Bao


Upgrading the Web-based Chinese-Learning Program Project, Dongdong Chen

Documenting Ethnicity, Gender, Race, and Interfaith Dialogue in Historical Context Within the Archdiocese of Newark and Seton Hall University, 1853-2006, Alan Delozier

Incorporation of Tableau in Healthcare Experimental Analytics and Data, Nalin Johri

Building a Corpus of American Song Lyrics, Nathan Kahl


Diverse Learners: Explorers, Problem Solvers & Dot Connectors, Grace May

Exploring the Structural Topology of a Representative Sample of Retail Supply Chains and Their Evolution using a Data Visualization Approach, Penina Orenstein

DH Graduate Internship for Japanese Language and Culture, Shigeru Osuka

Transformational Journey through Art: Utilizing Digital Media to Explore Dante's Cosmos, Elizabeth Pallitto

Using the Digital Humanities to Explore the Dialog Between Christianity and Culture in CORE II Class, Melinda D. Papaccio

Language Maps, Language Clouds, Cherubim Quizon

Helium IQ Launch, Susan Scherreik

MeaningCloud for child development assessment, Nina Capone Singleton


Layered Chiffon, Courtney Starrett

Defunct Economists: An Examination of Ideas, Terence K. Teo


Use of Concept Maps to Enhance Meaningful Learning, Viswa Viswanathan and Kelly Goedert

Qur'an Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing Project, Youssef Yacoubi

Submissions from 2016

Visualization of the Ukranian Diaspora, James Daly


Virtual Guidebook to the History of New York City, Sara Fieldston

Timeline of Social Problems Research from 1945 to Present, Anthony Haynor


The Population Health Management PolicyMap Project (PHM/PMP), Anne M. Hewitt


Digital Humanities Faculty Fellows Showcase, Lysa Martinelli

Visualizing supply network topology using financial data, Penina Orenstein

Reconfiguring Teaching by Using DH to Develop Interactive Learning, Catherine Tinker


Reconstructing the History of the Watering Place, Michael Vigorito

Policy Map: A tool to assist students in linking research and practice in the Health Sciences, Genevieve Pinto Zipp