Are You Watching Closely?

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ENGL 3120/ENGL 6120


Mary Balkun

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Publication Date

Spring 2019


Compared to a modern-day Alfred Hitchcock, Christopher Nolan imbues his films with copious amounts of depth and substance. The scope of each production is massive both on and off-screen since audiences often leave a viewing pondering the mind-bending realities they’ve seen. Nolan sees little to no point in churning out sub-par movies so frequently that the plots become stale and redundant. He has expressed his misgivings in a BBC Newsnight interview, asserting that “there’s a very real danger with watering down the theatrical experience, watering down the experience of what a film is; that organic, larger-than-life sort of quality that a great film print has”.

Having recognized the downward trends in the film industry, Nolan wants to expressly keep quality film alive and so far, he’s been doing just that. Christopher Nolan and his films represent literary-quality cinema and this is an exploration of that quality. So pay attention, pay close attention, because things are not at all what they seem to be. Welcome to the world of Nolan.