Jack & Co.

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ENGL 3120/ENGL 6120


Mary Balkun

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Publication Date

Spring 2019


From 1888-1891, a murder rampaged the streets of the Whitechapel section of London. The newspapers would go on to name him “Jack the Ripper”. There were over ten murders however the suspect was never caught. This unidentified murderer remains a significant character not only British pop culture and media but internationally as well. Jack has been the basis and inspiration of many movies, books, and television programs.

My project has researched how this unknown killer remained prominent over one hundred years’ time, especially in the media. This website houses various information regarding Jack the Ripper such as his history, a mapping of his murders, and a timeline of movies and television that were about Jack the Ripper.

With funding, my website can grow into a teaching tool. Although my focus and research are solely on Jack the Ripper, I want it to grow into a whole overview of iconic murderers. My website will be open to the public and allow them to add their own information about murderers. Iconic murderers such as Lizzie Borden, Son of Sam, and The Zodiac to name a few. I will then develop a syllabus for a course that uses the website as central piece to teach at Seton Hall University.