Marketing in the Digital Humanities

Course Number

ENGL 3120/ENGL 6120


Mary Balkun

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Publication Date

Spring 2019


Humanities research has jumped forward into the 21st century with a variety of digital tools and within the world of Digital Humanities, there are emerging disciplines that require fluency in these tools outside of academics. The study of Digital Humanities has been reported to prepare graduates for careers in the following sectors:

  • Public relations
  • Web design
  • Data mining
  • Marketing
  • Digital and Social media

As much as Social Media applications appear to be a distraction to some, these outlets and their data make them a powerful means for marketing and research. At this very moment, there is still a steady growth in traffic on Facebook, Instagram and dozens of other sites. The in-depth analytics gathered from these sites are being used to drive and inspire you to buy. Including the far reaching capabilities within DH, the most basic and common tools for sentiment analysis, mapping and blogs (amongst others) are becoming even more critical within the field of Digital Marketing.

For this field to thrive, demography has been a discipline that goes hand-in-hand with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to manage and analyze geographical data. Additionally, GIS research has its very own place within Digital Humanities as well (read more) and the creation of tools, such as Story Map, have been inspired many DH projects. Demographics information and GIS have been used to map and, in a current historical context, track trends in population growth, movement and the habits of those populations.

In Digital Marketing, demographics are used to better understand prospective customers and to effectively reach a targeted audience. Through demographics data, strategies are developed to utilize popular social media platforms to get the right message to the right group of people.

The intent of this project is to display how the tools of Digital Humanities can be effectively used commercially.