Manuscript Submission

The Board of Editors welcomes submissions in the area of sports or entertainment law for publication. Our policies are as follows:


Please send manuscripts to:

Articles Editor
Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law
Seton Hall University School of Law
One Newark Center
Newark, NJ 07102


If another journal has offered to publish your manuscript, please call the Journal Suite at (973) 642-8239 to request an expedited review. Please include the following information: the author's name, the title of the manuscript, a contact phone number, a contact e-mail address, the journal making the offer, and the deadline for the expedited review to be completed.


The Journal endeavors to publish articles making a significant and original contribution to the legal field. Submissions must be focused on either sports law or entertainment law. Our goal is to establish a dialogue between the legal, educational, and professional community and the sports and entertainment related industries. Since our editorial process gives great deference to authors, articles should be well written and the legal arguments must be complete at the time of submission.

Manuscripts should be word-processed or typed, and must use traditional footnotes. Manuscripts must have citations consistent with the requirements of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010).

Unsolicited manuscripts cannot be returned unless a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope is submitted with the manuscript.


The Journal seeks to preserve the authors "voice" and legal argument in each publication. We will not replace the author's vision with our own. Consequently, after a substantial editing process for spelling, grammar, and citation form, the Journal will return a "redlined" copy of the manuscript to the author to show all of the suggested changes. In addition, the Journal will provide substantive comments and questions. The Journal's comments are only suggestions, and the author's judgment will be respected throughout the publication process.


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Volumes 14-: ____ Seton Hall J. Sports and Ent. L.


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