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Membership Selection

Law Review membership is first and foremost a commitment to advancing the theory and practice of the law. It is a great privilege that connects students with past, present, and future members for years to come, as well as an endeavor demanding of time, energy, and mental acuity. The skills and networking opportunities members establish serve them well regardless of the practice area or profession they ultimately enter. Additionally, the opportunity to publish one’s research in the form of a student comment is unparalleled in the law school experience.

Each Spring, the Law Review holds a write-on competition to select new members. The write-on competition is highly competitive, and of all applicants, offers are extended to approximately twenty-four students who have completed their first year of law school.

The application process is anonymous, and offers are extended based on a combination of the student’s quality of writing, grades, and citation formatting. From this pool of applicants emerges a diverse membership, comprised of individuals with a variety of professional, educational, and social backgrounds who stand ready to make meaningful and unique contributions to the law school’s oldest academic journal. Members benefit and develop as young lawyers by honing their writing, editing, and analytical thinking skills, as well as through their interactions with their peers and authors throughout the editorial process.

Please read through the Law Review Constitution and Membership Requirements to answer any questions you may have. Of course, also feel free to e-mail any member, or simply stop by the Law Review office in the Journal Suite.

  1. Total Bids: Approximately 24
    1. We will also select 5 alternates
  2. Students must first meet minimum GPA requirement for their class
    1. 3.0 for First-Year, Full-Time Day Students, First-Year, Part-Time Students who are transferring to the Full-Time, Day Division by the Fall semester of their second year, Second-Year, Part-Time Students
    2. 3.5 for Second-Year, Full-Time Students, Third-Year, Part-Time Students
  3. Automatic bids go to:
    1. The students with the top 3 GPAs (as long as they demonstrate a good faith effort to complete the write-on assignment)
    2. The students with the top 7 Writing Scores (so long as they meet GPA requirement)
  4. Remaining members are selected as follows:
    1. Student must have a writing score in the top 50%
    2. From this list, remaining members are chosen by GPA