Theses/Dissertations from 1998


The Journey Within: Voices Of Spiritual Conflict, Colleen L. Coulter


Influence of 5'-(TG)1-3- and 3'-(AC)1-3-Overhangs on the Thermodynamic and Na+ Binding Properties of a Series of Oligonucleotides, Enrique Dilone


Perceptions of Pastors in a Selected Diocese Regarding Co-sponsorship, Values and Effectiveness of Catholic Schools, Edward G. Gere


The Need For U.S. Multinational Corporations To Provide Expatriates With Language And Cultural Training Services, Lisa M. Gizzi


A Study Of The Effectiveness Of The Virtual Office, Danielle C. Haines


A Descriptive Study Of Cohort Programs In Educational Administrative Preparation Programs, Alieen Patricia Hresko


Therapist Burnout: the Contributions of Role Stress, Patient Behavior Stress, and Therapist Personality, Rosemary Kaden


A Machiavellian Analysis Of Shakespeare's Villians, Thomas J. Kenny


A Machiavellian Analysis Of Shakespeare's Villians, Thomas J. Kenny


Identification of an Amylase-Like Gene In Chironomus Riparius, Loriann Mahurter

Relationships between Attachment and Coping Resources in Learning-Disabled Adolescents and Non-Learning Disabled Adolescents in a Vocational-technical High School., Thomas Massarelli

An Investigation into the Role of the Privatization of Non-instructional Services Provided by New Jersey Public School Districts, Kenneth P. May


The Effects Of Disability Simulations On Attitudes Toward Persons With Disabilities, John Patrick McGowan


The Social Networks Of Women Who Work At Home: A Study Of New Jersey's Business And Professional Women's Federation Members, Gail F. Nelson


The Impact Of Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences On Change In Middle School Language Arts Curriculum, Maureen O'Dea Feeney


Investigation of Peptide-DNA Interactions: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Lysyl-Fluorophenylalaninamides, Teresita T. Ortega


Why Black Males Have Emerged As One Of The Most Troubled Groups Of American Society: Their Academic Challenge, Poverty, And Social And Economic Isolation, Nicole M. Pride


The Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Upon Adult Male Attachment/Separation, Conflict Resolution And Psychospiritual Well-Being, Amber Thani Samaroo


Development of Chronoamperometric Logarithmic Signatures with Application to Drug-Package Interactions and Mechanism Elucidation, Beth Sarsfield


Principals' Perceptions Regarding The Integration Of The Internet Into Public Schools In A Rural County Of New Jersey, Tracey Servens


The State Of Professional Sports In Society, Christopher S. Stefan

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

An Investigation Of Trends In K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Development Process As Perceived By Chief Administrators In New Jersey Public Schools (National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics, Twelfth-Grade, Kindergarten), Joan Burke

Teacher, Parent And Student Perceptions Of The Self Renewal Process Of An Urban Elementary School (Urban Education, Achievement, Mathematics, Reading, Language), Patricia L. Burke McGeehan


Binding of Cobalt (III) to Nucleic Acids via Reaction with [Co(NH3)5(OH2)]3+, David M. Calderone

The Comorbidity Of Eating Disorders And Substance Abuse And Their Relationship To Dsm-Iv Personality Disorders, Sharon Elizabeth Craig

Psychological Aspects of Patients Who Develop Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Subsequent to Augmentation Mammaplasty Using Silicone, Marian da Silva


The Effects Of Endothelin On Embryonic Optic Lobe Cultures, Christine Herczku

Selected Causes for African-American Achievement in the Seventh Grade at a New Jersey Public Middle School, Mark A. Jennings

Interaction Of Small Molecules With Multistranded DNA, Anantha Narayanan.

Differences In Leadership Behavior Of Female Public School Principals In New Jersey, Barbara Elaine Sargent

Organization Theories And Governance In Higher Education: An Analysis Of The Literature, Roanne Schmidt Angiello

Comparative Study of Self-Perceived Leadership Styles of Black and White Women in Higher Education Administrative Positions in New Jersey Community Colleges, Bette M. Simmons

Communication About Adoption, Personality Development And Attachment In Adoptive Families, Nancy Jean Slobodnik


The Effects Of Utilizing Positive Ritual Behavior In Marriage On Marital Satisfaction And Intimacy, Rita Valenti

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

Adult Daughters of Alcoholics: Object Relations and Stress in the Parenting Role, Mary Louise Altonji

An Investigation Of The Relationship Between The Use Of Alternative Approaches To Performance Assessment And Student Achievement In Middle School Mathematics (Teachers, Students), Brian Chinni

Conflict Resolution Through Peer Mediation: An Assessment Of Possible Significant Differences In Effectiveness Of Application/Interview And/Or Sociometrically Selected Mediators, Barbara Ann Cordasco

Relationships between Teacher Perceptions of Effective School Characteristics and Academic Achievement of Limited English Proficient Students in New York City, Loidis R. Cordero

The Relationship of Depression and Self-Concept of Learning Disabled Students in Self-Contained and Mainstreamed Classrooms, Nicholas C. Del Bueno


Examination Of Psychological And Biographical Characteristics Of Body Modifiers And Self-Injurers, Robert A. Rekker

Spiritual Well-Being and Psychological Adjustment in Recovering Bulimic Women, Kathleen Williams-Biddulph

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

The Role Perceptions of African American Staff in Maintaining Community on Two Predominantly White State College Campuses, Leslie Agard-Jones

Shape Selective Liquid Phase Aldol Reactions With Alkali Modified Zeolites, Leo S. Posner

The Community College Experience: Is There an Effect on Critical Thinking and Moral Reasoning?, Joan D. Rykiel

Personality Characteristics of Child Molesters, Non-Sex Offending Criminal Child Abuse Controls, and Normals as Differentiated by the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-II (MCMI-II), William Michael Shea

Job Insecurity, a Chronic Psychological Threat: Antecedents and Consequences, Ida M. Welsh

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Psychological Parenting Stress in Mothers Related to Perception of Child Developmental Diagnoses with Diagnostic and Prognostic Ambiguity, Joseph E. Conroy

The Assessment of Mother-Child Interaction, Attachment History, and Separation-Anxiety Among Physically Abusive Families: A Study Conducted in Thailand, Somsap Sookanan

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

A National Study of School District Consolidations: Implications for New Jersey, Sarah Beauchea

A Comparison Of Higher Education Delivery Systems For Adults And Implications For New Jersey Community Colleges, Roseann Fluhr Bucciarelli

A Comparison of Juvenile Sex Offenders, Nonsex Offenders & Nonoffenders on Select Variables, Janet Rose Digiorgio-Miller

New Jersey State Department of Education Monitoring, Intervention, and Takeover Practices in the Newark, Trenton, and Jersey City Public School Districts, Randy Pratt

A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Corporate and Union Members Participating in Internal Training Programs, Donna A. Strigari

Learning Disabilities and Depression in Children: the Development of Self-Concept and Achievement, Patricia Ann Tistan

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

Implementation of the State-Mandated College Outcomes Evaluation Program at Selected Public Colleges and Universities in New Jersey, Nina Dorset Jemmott

Mediators of Child Adjustment Subsequent to Parental Divorce, Terri M. Siclare

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

Family Systems Therapy with Families with Learning Disabled Children: An Intensive Study of Outcome and Change, Glyn H. Eisenhauer

Micellar Liquid Chromatography: Investigations with the Novel Pinkerton Internal Surface Reversed-phase Column; Optimization of and Application to the Determination of Drugs in Urine by Direct Injection; Comparisons to the Stationary Phase Approaches for the Determination of Drugs in Biological Fluids by Direct Injection, Joseph J. Fett

The Assessment of Therapeutic Mechanisms of Change in a Child Bereavement Support Program, Grace Cocuzza Zambelli

Theses/Dissertations from 1990


In the Valley of the Shadow: The Impact of Trauma on Interpersonal Communication, Catherine M. Jordan

A Descriptive Study of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners in the United States: Collegial Relationships, Task and Performance of Task, and Satisfaction, Leona Kleinman

Identification of Factors which would Attract Inactive Registered Nurses back into the Hospital Setting, Muriel Thomas Shore